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Alice McCarthy

The story that keeps getting better...

It's not often that I am taken aback, but I have to say that today had its share of surprises. Market day in Sainte Foy la Grande is special, and by repute it is one of the best markets in the South West of France. So we ambled off this morning and had a look at what was on offer. Despite being a bit chilly outside, we survived and enjoyed the wide range of products on offer. We chatted about last nights experience in Monteton, and enjoyed the number of comments we'd already received from some of our followers. Little did we realise things were about to get a whole lot better.
2013-04-06 11.53.13

The surprise came in the form of an e-mail from one of the choir members expressing appreciation for our comments. The e-mail read…

"It was great you discovered us last night! We really enjoy your blog.

I'm one of the choir members and I'm singing at the Monsegur Jazz Festival this summer. Hope you can come."

It was signed by Alice McCarthy (pictured) who is, indeed, one of the choir. Her e-mail contained a link to a webpage where I learned a whole lot more. It was there that I heard recordings of what I found to be a beautiful voice which, quite honestly, blew me away. I also learned that Alice is just 14 years old. I wanted her and her parent's permission to share the music on this blog, so I wrote back and asked for a parent to call me. Half an hour later I was chatting to Louise McCarthy, Alice's mother.
2013-04-06 19.44.40

The story, at this point, simply got better. Yes, Alice is a member of the choir. And so is Louise! It doesn't stop there: So too is Daniel McCarthy, aged 12, and Luke McCarthy aged 9! So precisely one quarter of the choir on view last night were McCarthys'! The longer we chatted the more admiration I developed for this fabulous group of ex pats and their talents.

By the way as an aside I got one little fact wrong in the story earlier. If you recall I said "… the age range was from 9 to 92!!" Wrong. It is from 9 to 93! One of the organisational brains of the choir is Ms. Paddy Atkinson, aged 93.

Please take time out to listen to this recording of Alice singing
"Over the Rainbow" and learn more about her by clicking here.

Finally don't forget the name Alice McCarthy…You heard it here first!


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