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The view from over here...

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    Château de Chambord, Loire Valley, France

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    Brantome, The Dordogne, France

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    Camping Dômes de Miage, Mont Blanc, French Alps

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    Port Erin, Isle of Man

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    Camping Jungfrau, Switzerland

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    Equisheim, Alsace, France

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    Glencoe, Scotland

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    Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England

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    The Minack Theatre, Cornwall

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    Notre Dame, Paris

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    A pub that caught the eye.

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    The banks of the Dordogne, France

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    King Harry Ferry, Cornwall

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    Camping Dômes de Miage, Mont Blanc, French Alps

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    Brantome in the Dordogne

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    Glance Scotland

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    Montmartre, Paris

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    Mont-Saint-Michel through the mist.

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    The River Rhine, Germany

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    Camping Jungfrau, Switzerland


In search of new sights and experiences. We are leaving soon to explore France, Switzerland, Croatia and Italy. We are going to try to record the experience in words, pictures and videos on the blog page. We would be delighted if you would like to follow us on our journey.
The interesting part of this trip is that whilst we know roughly where we are headed, that will change on a day by day basis and we will be sharing our rationale and our tips and tricks as we go. As you will learn below we are two authors, journalists and broadcasters. Read on...

The Participants
  • Frank Hanna[+]
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    Frank Hanna

    is a mediator and a retired lawyer who practised as a solicitor in Belfast throughout the troubles in Northern Ireland. In the late 1990s he moved to Arizona to pursue his studies in conflict resolution and mediation. He has also worked extensively in journalism and is an author and broadcaster.
    Having moved to the Isle of Man in 2007 he stumbled across the world of motor homing and has since become an avid traveller.
    "For many years I travelled by reason of my business and as a consequence got to know many airports. Travelling by motorhome is so different. At last I get to see the countries, the highways and byways with the excitement of not knowing exactly where you might end up tomorrow"
    "This 2013 trip is special because we are not exactly sure where we will end up, we have a fair idea but who knows? We will be revisiting some of our favourite places and I will be retracing some of the journeys my late parents took us on as kids."
    We will be taking pictures, videos and writing about our experiences and passing on tips and tricks to anyone interested in following us.
    The blog page will have our collective thoughts and on the other mapping pages you will know exactly where we are.
    I hope you enjoy our experiences and please feel free to contact us at any stage if you have thoughts, comments or suggestions of places we should visit.
  • Nancy Peterson[+]
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    Nancy Peterson, born in Kansas (a long time ago), lives on the Isle of Man in the United Kingdom with her partner, Frank Hanna and the supreme ruler of both their lives; Dougal, a six year-old shih tsu. Enjoying writing (first novel just competed and published) and travel via a motorhome - Nancy is kept fairly busy doing the things she loves with the two boys (one furrier than the other) she loves.  With the third year of motorhome travels now planned, with stops throughout France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and possibly even Croatia and Slovenia, Nancy’s ideas for future books and business publications as a CIOJ journalist should be forthcoming. In any case, 2013 should be an interesting and exciting year!
  • Dougal[+]
    My name is Dougal, I am a six year old shih tsu born in Northern Ireland in March, 2007 and now living on the Isle of Man. I have two servants who share my home with me; I am quite fond of them...most days. One calls himself my Daddy, but he is actually Frank Hanna also from Northern Ireland. The other refers to herself as my Mommy, but is really Nancy Peterson from the USA.
    I am a collector of squeaky toys, most of my ever growing collection have been acquired by finding them in the suitcases from my servants when they have returned from where ever it is they go without me for a few days on occasion.
    I am a gourmet food critic as well. My servants are constantly trying out new dishes on me and it is about a 50% chance that their offerings will be up to my discriminating palate. I have taught my servants a few tricks. Whist humans are not the easiest to train I have done my best with them and they now will give me a drink of fresh water and go to bed upon my command.
    By the way I also starred
    in a movie. Well, sort of.
    My servants will be taking me to a few new countries in my motorhome so I can continue my 'sniffology' research in new places. Visit
    my Facebook page, my servants are pretty good about making new entries for me. It is called, of course, Dougal.
  • The Vinny Van[+]
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    This is our home for the trip affectionately known as the Vinny Van. For those who are interested in this sort of thing here are it's stats.

    Rapido 7092 DF
    Height 9.32'
    Length 24.25'
    First Reg June 2010
    Mileage so far 10,000
After all that now check out our Blog Page for a day by day account of our trip around Europe back in 2013. Just Click Here.

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